The first STREAMLINE workshop titled: “State-of-the-art of stem cells-based research in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDDs)“ was held from 8. – 9. July 2022 at the Hotel Putnik Inn, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Workshop organizers were academician Milena Stevanovic (IMGGE), Prof.
Adrian Harwood (CU), Prof. David Linden (UM), Dr. Spyros Petrakis (CERTH) and Dr. Danijela Drakulic (IMGGE). It was a hybrid event with 40 in-person attendees and 25 remote meeting participants.
Participants had the opportunity to listen, discuss and learn about the latest methodological advances used to model NDDs. That was also a chance for audiences to get familiar with OMICs and bioinformatics data analysis approaches used for drug targets and biomarkers prediction. Also advances in drug testing were presented. In addition, the workshop was also an opportunity for the attendances to learn about the ethical, legal and social aspects in this field of research. The lecturers from CU, UM and CERTH presented some of their latest results. One of the sessions was devoted to the research on NDDs in the Western Balkans region, where health care professionals from Serbia and neighboring countries presented challenges in this field from clinical point of view.

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