O1.1 To provide legal, administrative and financial management and coordination of Project activities to enable STREAMLINE to achieve its CSA objectives and goals
O1.2 To control work progress, budget allocation and delivery of the results as planned
O1.3 To coordinate organization and implementation of the project activities within different WPs
O2.1 To enhance networking activities between IMGGE and top-class leading EU partners
O2.2 To strengthen research capacities and scientific profile of research staff
O2.3 To form a digitalized repository with genetic and transcriptomic data of patients
O2.4 To adopt Scientific Agenda
O3.1 To study the effects of 22q11.2 microdeletion on neural development
O3.2 To determine differentially expressed gene sets and dysregulated pathways in patients with familial form of 22q11.2 microdeletion
O3.3 To test the effect of drugs on properties of neuron and astrocyte cultures generated from patient iPSCs
O4.1 To enhance research management capacity and professional skills of IMGGE staff
O4.2 To improve administrative skills of IMGGE staff
O4.3 To establish administrative unit within IMGGE for management and administration of EU projects
O5.2 To team with relevant national and international institutions, projects and organizations
O5.3 To bring the academy closer to industry and increase overall investment in innovation and the translation of science into the economy
O6.1 To develop communication and dissemination plan
O6.2 To increase the visibility of the STREAMLINE Project‘s outputs among academic and general public
O6.3 To educate researchers in the field of NDDs