Work packages

WP1 Project management and coordination
The purpose of WP1 is to manage the STREAMLINE Project effectively and in compliance with EC requirements and guidelines.
Task 1.1 Development of a Digital project management handbook (PMH) and risk management strategy
Task 1.2 Network coordination and organization of project meetings
Task 1.3 Development of Data management plan (DMP)
Task 1.4 Monitoring of Project progress and communication with EC

WP2 Networking for excellence

The primary goal of WP2 is to strengthen overall strategic networking and develop strategies for continued networking and collaborations between the IMGGE and top-class leading counterparts at the European level (CU, UM, CERTH) through sustainable partnerships that facilitate the transfer of knowledge, results, and methodologies.
Task 2.1 Enhancing the network of associates
Task 2.2 Strengthening the research capacities of IMGGE staff
Task 2.3 Formation of a digitalized repository with data about genetic profiling of patients with CNVs and NDDs
Task 2.4 Adoption of long-term Scientific Agenda

WP3 Exploratory research project: to elucidate the molecular consequences of 22q11.2 microdeletion on neural development

WP3 is aimed to determine the effects of 22q11.2 microdeletion on neural development. Patients with familial form of 22q11.2DS will be analyzed in order to better understand why carrier parents are usually more mildly affected than their children. Determination of differentially expressed gene sets and dysregulated pathways in patients with familial form of 22q11.2DS might lead to the development of targeted therapeutics preventing some of the complications of 22q11.2 microdeletion before they manifest
Task 3.1 Generation of iPSCs of patients with familial form of 22q11.2DS
Task 3.2 Analysis of the effects of 22q11.2 microdeletion on neural differentiation
Task 3.3 Testing the effect of drugs on properties of neuron and astrocyte cultures derived from patient iPSCs

WP4 Strengthening research management capacities and administrative skills of IMGGE staff

WP4 is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge and best practices from EU partners to researchers and administrative staff of IMGGE in the fields of research management and projects administration with the specific focus on the EU-funded projects.
Task 4.1 Improving the research management capacity and professional skills of IMGGE researchers
Task 4.2 Increasing the administrative skills of IMGGE staff
Task 4.3 Establishment of the Office for EU projects in IMGGE

WP5 Collaborative Ecosystem for research of NDDs

WP5 is aimed to gather interdisciplinary community of researchers, healthcare providers, patients, families and policy makers around the STREAMLINE HUB focused on neuroscientific research of NDDs and translation of obtained results into diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes.
Task 5.1 Bringing together regional stakeholders around a common idea of developing and advancing NDD research
Task 5.2 Clustering activities around STREAMLINE HUB
Task 5.3 Collecting investments by applying to various funds
Task 5.4 Bringing science and industry closer together for facing challenges in the field of NDDs

WP6 Communication and dissemination

To maximize outreach of STREAMLINE outputs on heterogeneous target groups a set of dissemination and communication activities is strategically planned within WP6.
Task 6.1 Strategic dissemination meetings and the development of dissemination and communication plan
Task 6.2 Creation and managing of the STREAMLINE Website
Task 6.3 Increase in public awareness on STREAMLINE activities through social media, the press releases, webinars and dissemination of promotional materials
Task 6.4 Scientific dissemination

WP7 Ethics requirements

WP7 sets out the ‘ethics requirements’ that the STREAMLINE project must comply with. Within WP7, an independent Ethics Advisory Board will be appointed. The role of the Ethics Advisory Board will be to oversee the Project and offer guidance, advice and recommendations on the existing ethics issues as well as those that might arise during the STREAMLINE project.