STREAMLINE TRAINING: Preparing and managing EC-funded projects/ project applications

STREAMLINE TRAINING „Preparing and managing EC-funded projects/ project applications“ was successfully held by our partners from the University of Maastricht in two separate sessions. This training was aimed  to improve the capacity of IMGGE to compete for research fundings.

During the first session, held on the 17th of February, participants attended lectures and had the opportunity to learn about funding alerts/tips and tricks as well as post-award management of EU grants.

During the second session, held on the 9th of March, researchers and administrative staff from the IMGGE, through grouppractice, presented how they would respond to different EU calls by  implementing the knowledge they gained.

We thank Prof David Linden, Marco Brandes, and Tom van den Crommenacker for organizing training and sharing much useful and practical information with the IMGGE team. We are very grateful for all the suggestions we received after the presentation of homwork projects.

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