STREAMLINE at ExcellMater Conference 2024

ExcellMater conference is the final event organized within the Horizon 2020 project: Twinning to excel materials engineering for medical devices – ExcellMater (GA 952033) targeting breakthroughs in new medical devices, biomaterials scientific advances, translation from fundamental research to clinical application, and commercial opportunities for using innovative biomaterials. It also aims to present that coordinators of Twinning projects present their projects and experiences in project management and administration. This conference also provides plenty of opportunities for networking and exchange of ideas among researchers in different scientific fields as well as interactions with clinicians, SMEs and industry representatives.

Our colleges presented STREAMLINE project at ExcellMater Conference 2024: Innovative Biomaterials for Novel Medical Devices, held in Belgrade, April 10-12, 2024. This was a good opportunity to increase the visibility of the STREAMLINE Project outputs among academic public.

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Vidimo se na prvom STREAMLINE “Industry open day”. Radujemo se druženju I razmeni iskustava između nauke i industrije.

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