Overview of the week at Maastricht University

Last week STREAMLINE team members, Danijela Drakulic, Natasa Kovacevic Grujicic, and Stefan Lazic were extremely busy learning how to use new bioinformatics tools with Dr. Friederike Ehrhart at the Department of Bioinformatics, Maastricht University. Bioinformaticians say: “Sometimes, you need to spend hours just to realize that you forgot a comma at a single spot.” Our team members are convinced that this phrase is perfectly correct!
On Wednesday, after hard work, IMGGE researchers and Milan Slavković, IMGGE Project Manager, enjoyed dinner with partners at the restaurant in the center of beautiful Maastricht. Delicious food and interesting topics made the evening really special.
The next day, Danijela presented the STREAMLINE project to the auditorium at the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNs), Maastricht University. Afterward, we had an active discussion and received a plethora of positive comments.
At the end of the week, Danijela, Natasa, and Milan had the meeting with the Managing Director of MHeNs, Tom van den Crommenacker.
Milan Slavkovic returned to Belgrade striving to implement the knowledge he had gained.

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