Overview of the staff exchanges at Cardiff University and CERTH

Welcome back Aleksandra Medić and Jelena Pejić! After three months, members of the STREAMLINE team returned to Belgrade from their staff exchange at the Cardiff University, United Kingdom, and CERTH, Greece. After completion of staff exchange in CERTH, Thessaloniki, Greece, Jelena acquired knowledge in assessing metabolic changes and testing drug responsiveness of neurons and astrocytes generated from patient iPSCs. She gained expertise in high-throughput cell-based assay for in vitro drug testing. Second staff exchange in Cardiff University, United Kingdom was dedicated to mastering generation of brain organoids from patient iPSCs. During her stay, Aleksandra gain valuable insights into the creation of organoids and learned how to analyze samples from 60 days old organoids. Their future goal is to improve research profile of IMGGE in the realm of neurodevelopmental disorders.

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