Overview of the staff exchanges at Maastricht University

Welcome back Dr. Danijela Drakulić, Dr. Nataša Kovačević Grujičić and Stefan Lazić! After almost two and a half months, members of the STREAMLINE team returned to Belgrade from their staff exchange at the Maastricht University, Netherlands. Their staff exchanges were dedicated to mastering the RNA-sequencing and bioinformatics data analysis and digitalized repository formation. They learned how to adequately isolate RNA for RNA-seq, perform library preparation and sequencing and how to check the quality of samples for RNA-seq. Staff exchange dedicated to bioinformatics data analysis covered the following topics: how to obtain „raw counts“ from FASTQ files and identify differentially expressed genes, how to perform gene set enrichment/overexpression analysis, Weighted gene coexpression analysis, data visualisation in pathways, and how to create pathway models with PathVisio, and network analysis using Cytoscape. They came back full of impressions and ready to implement acquired knowledge in our institute.

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