Brain Awareness Week—March 11-17 “Shake your brain”

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the worldwide manifestation that celebrate brain science every March. Originating in 1996, BAW was initiated by the Dana Foundation, a nonprofit organization. BAW aims to increase public interest in the wonders of the brain.

5 Interesting facts about your brain:

  •  Information in the brain may move at a speed of up to 268 mph.
  • Brain activity can power a small light bulb.
  • A sand-sized fragment of brain tissue has one billion synapses and one hundred thousand neurons.
  • The brain can’t feel pain.
  • The idea that people only employ 10% of their brains is untrue.

Our STREAMLINE Team Member dr Mina Perić held a lecture entitled “Brain organoids as a model system for study of neurodevelopmental disorders” at the INSTITUTE OF MOLECULAR GENETICS AND GENETIC ENGINEERING University of Belgrade who hosted BAW manifestation this year. High School students from 4th lyceum of Larissa, Larissa, Greece and from Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium and Eight Belgrade Gymnasium, Belgrade, Serbia. Students had the great opportunity to boost their brains and get introduced to the latest methods in modeling neurodevelopmental disorders. This was also a wonderful time for students to exchange their cultures, foster meaningful connections, and excel academically.

We spend a great day together. We hope that you will participate with us in celebration of Brain Awareness Week next year.

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